Electrical Ship E/S Vågspelet

Electrical Ship E/S Vågspelet is the fourth generation of music boats from which in former times a local orchestra gave concerts on warm summer nights. Today a tour with the boat gives you the chance to enjoy the lake’s beautiful surroundings including one of the most popular golf courses in Sweden. A shore excursion is also included in order to take a short and easy hike up to the top of the hill Kanonkullen, where the world’s only functioning sun cannon stands ready in a red brick tower.

E/S Vågspelet is approved for passenger traffic on the Lake Bysjön by the Swedish Martime Organization. The boat is powered by an electric engine and a paddle wheel, so it is both quiet and non-polluting. The ship leaves for a guided tour daily at 11:30 between June and September, weather permitting but not on Sundays and Mondays.

Book excursions May to September.

Free bus/car parking is available and is only a short distance from the point of departure-map

You may bring your own picnic basket with you.
Catering packages are also available by contacting us one day before your visit.

Booking of the ship E/S Vågspelet can be made at
Telephone/Fax +46 (0)120 354 21 or kansliet@solkanonklubben.se

Welcome on board!