The World’s Only Functioning

The Sun Cannon is installed in a red brick tower from 1853 and at that time part of the English Garden at Adelsnäs Manor. It is a 6-pound cannon from the same period, with an ignition system consisting of a magnifying glass mounted on a movable arm, adjustable to the sun’s different meridian latitudes. The tower has an opening directly south which are 8 inches wide and 118 inches tall.

At exactly 1 pm, when the sun reaches its highest point at midday in summertime, the sun shines through this opening, hitting the magnifying glass focused on the priming compound at the back of the cannon. The primer ignites rebounding on the main charge. On cloudy days it is fired using a match. The smoke is thick and the deafening noise can be heard all over Åtvidaberg!

Would you like to fire the SUN CANNON?

Additional firings can be ordered at our office. Anyone can shoot the Sun Cannon with the assistance of an instructor and be awarded a diploma as a ”Sun Cannon Cannoneer” from the largest and only still-functioning sun cannon in the world. During the past twelve years over 40 000 people from all over the world have witnessed firings.

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